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How to use voltage standa properly, safely and economically.


Created Date : 3/17/2012 | View : 15574

Use steady pressure standa how to properly, safely and save the current problem is that many customers are interested. Voltage Centers standa (No. 1 Lane 42 ceiling supply and demand of paper, Hanoi) for sharing and advice to customers some useful experience.

  Selecting appropriate capacity:

Lu select engine power voltage matches standa help you save up money to buy investment account may.va maximum savings in power consumption. Provides long life as the machine voltage.

And when buying you should check carefully and calculate the power consumption of electrical appliances in your home and the power supply voltage level of the vao.vi such as electricity consumption in the map is 3kVA and the voltage source the machine is 150v, you use standa voltage 150v-250V 3kVA band. but also the power consumption of 3kVA and input voltage is 90V, you must use a new 5kva enough voltage â suat.Ngoai the Trick full paddy power is on the side of home appliances and you can start using in the same instant of time, have many things running in the engine with an electric current large initial startup not.

Some experience with installation:

When the voltage installation standa to note some instructions.

+ Duo installation location should check before installation to ensure machines can work properly and prevent electrical fire shutter can occur in areas with high humidity.

+ Standa machine voltage must be installed in high places, but dry and few people go to get away from the reach of small children playing.

+ If standa crashes on high voltage (wall) you must complete the processing of racks are carefully and make sure. Because the mass of the heavy machine voltage.

+ Wire mesh from the column must be compatible with your machine installation.

+ Surge protector for your standa large capacity machines from 20kVA and 20kVA 3-phase you should complete the installation location suitable for future employee service center voltage standa (No. 1 Lane 42 ceiling supply Cau Giay Hanoi) viec.Vi space as the large-capacity machines such companies will have staff to take the field for warranty hang.De save you shipping costs to you row.

+ In front of your computer input Circuit Breakers to be installed at the factory to repair damage to the security operator can interrupt day.Trach grid in case of the clock interrupt Circuit Breakers for completing this very time, especially your wait staff Hanoi Electricity. (four doing this ........ this power that is stylish era money now ........ ...... ..... doola)


+ You should carefully read the operating instructions of the voltage transformer company standa

+ If the problems occur you should contact the service center voltage standa Tel: 0433995203


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