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My family has used the following equipment: 1 water heaters, an air-conditioner, a pump, an electric cooker, a refrigerator, a washing machine and lighting equipment and electric power is very weak (light light tubes are sometimes not), you should choose to purchase any power voltage?

 Q: My family has used the following equipment: 1 water heaters, an air-conditioner, apump, an electric cooker, a refrigerator, a washing machine and lighting equipment andelectric power is very weak (more fluorescent lamps are not lit when) you should choose to purchase any power voltage?


1 water heaters (30 liters) = 2.5 KW capacity

An air conditioner 12000 PTU = 1.2 KW capacity

A pump capacity of families = 750 W

A rice cooker = 750 W

A washing machine refrigerator + 1 + the lighting equivalent of about 1 KW.

So the total capacity of simultaneous use of your family is 6.5 KW, voltage of 7.5 KVAselection for electrical equipment in your home family rarely used simultaneously.


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