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User Guide voltage standa


Created Date : 2/15/2012 | View : 17410

Voltage standa

Input voltage range: 150V-250V; 90V-250V; 50V-250V

Output voltage: 100; 220VAC

Rated power: As indicated on the machine capacity with a 220VAC input voltage and output voltage electricity used by each of the consumer

User Guide:

Choose the voltage range from 150V-250V to just use the regular range, if the voltage below 150V, they must use a wide range.

Power ratings are recorded on the input voltage is at 220V. Thus the total capacity of all electrical appliances through voltage must be less than the full capacity.

When the input voltage decreases, the capacity decreases proportionately, so need to choose the machine and the appropriate load.


Select the wire large enough to rely on the power plant and use. Position to put steady pressure standa in a dry cool, convenient for installation and safety for users.

Input voltage: Connect the INPUT pile

Output voltage: Connect the OUTPUT pile

Connect the earthing wire from chassis ground


Turn on your idle load about 30 seconds, then turn on each load to use


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