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- Option to purchase products - CONTACT NUMBERS Tel: 0974642249 OR 043.797.0471 / - By e-mail (email) : vietnamstanda@gmail.com - OUR SHIPPING AND INSTALLATION SUPPORT AT HOME

    - Option to purchase products
    - CONTACT NUMBERS Tel : 0974.642.249 OR 043.797.0471 /
    - By e-mail (email) : vietnamstanda@gmail.com
II. Guide the unit purchase agreement legal entity.
1 - Option to purchase products
2 - Contact the company and send a purchase request, the information specified in the contract:
+ Name and address of the unit
+ Representatives
+ Account tax codes
+ Contact telephone number, fax number ...
+ On the shopping cart, categories, quantities and other requirements, if any ...
sent to the company via Fax, Email or mail delivery ...
3 - The Company will:
+ Send a detailed quotation specific orders
+ Submit contract orders
4 - The legal representative of the purchaser to sign and seal the contract and return it to the company
5 - The company will deliver the papers and pay less according to the buyer.
6 - The buyer receiving goods and payment by cash or bank transfer.
III. The individual purchase:
1 - The individuals in Hanoi: a purchase request
+ Direct contact with the company, if the quantity required to purchase;
+ The Company will report in detail in order and take delivery of goods to take place.
+ Customers receiving the request, payment in cash.
2 - Individuals outside of Hanoi: Have purchase requirements
+ Direct contact with the company, if the quantity required to purchase;
+ The company quotes specific orders
+ The company receiving the money (bank statements) will send the goods to the buyer.


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