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At Bank Agribank Cau Giay - Hanoi - Vietnam


The company has two production bases in Shandong and industrial research centers in Cau Giay.
With a force of engineers and skilled workers with many years of manufacturing experience with a system of standard equipment, modern production line, the system processing sheets by CNC technology ensures automatic accuracy of the product.
Voltage products, protection refrigerator, electric pulses, brand outlet ... standa in Vietnam market has long been known as a symbol of quality. Standa Product line voltage, transformer, electric pulses, battery charging machine ... are high quality items are included in the project to replace imports. Currently the company is applying quality management systems according to international standard ISO 9001 aims to improving the quality control synchronization.
Not only domestic customers appreciate the quality standa products are also foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam and accept orders. Standavietna.com is a partner of standa dealers nationwide. Electrical products such as voltage stabilizers, transformers, power outlets, electrical boxes are currently being exported to some countries and are highly appreciated. The orders on the increase
Standavietnam.com always believe quality is the key product of the collaboration. So the motto of our work is "really good product and still be better".
The entire staff of the standa always do its best for customers. You can feel it when you come to us
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